What is Onlyview?

This full showcontrol mediaserver package is ready to take on your biggest challenges. Our experience in the field has allowed us to create this unique, user-driven software & hardware solution to handle high-profile, large-scale events with confidence and reliability.

1. Multimachine

Play your content on several machines while the whole network is synchronized.

2. Centralised control

The operator controls everything from a single screen

3. Scalability

Add as many machines as you need and enjoy the ride. Handling more then 100 projectors is not an issue.

4. Mapping made easy

From basic screen deformations to fully automated soft edges: all tools are included.

5. Size doesn't matter

Playing huge videos is no issue. We can handle multiple layers of 8K content.

6. Fast and powerful timelines

Onlyview allows you to change the projection at any time for whatever reason (and we all now that’s important 🙂 )

7. Stay connected

Connect to broadcast, projectors, LEDs, networks, … Onlyview can handle it all.

8. Generative content

Have your medias react on what is happening on stage … live.

9. Track anything

Whether you need to track dancers or huge and small scenic elements: Onlyview has you covered.

10. We've got your back

Our Main/Backup system ensures the show will go on no matter what. No re-sync, no downtime, no ‘single point of failure’!

Contact us

ETC Onlyview
27 Rue Maurice Gunsbourg,
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine
France(Show on Google Maps)

Phone: +33 (0)1 45 15 28 28
Mail: contact@etc-onlyview.com

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